Youth unemployment linked to mental health problems Youth unemployment, mental health problems and homeless are increasingly becoming issues of concern within our society. Our Casework and Clinical Services Practice Leader and acting Out of Home Care Executive Manager, Ariana Kenny, shares her insights on these issues in a conversation with the Blacktown Advocate. Some of key takeaways Ariana shared were: “Economic stresses are strongly linked with the development of mental health issues, as they can lead to social dislocation, anxiety and depression” “It is vital that young people are receiving the appropriate mental health care if they are struggling with issues created by unemployment, underemployment and financial stress.” “We are seeing significant economic and employment issues in Sydney’s west and with that comes a rise in mental health issues. It is vitally important that any mental health issues created by economic dislocation are addressed in a timely, affordable and positive manner.” “Marist180 aims to alleviate pressure on health infrastructure by adopting a mobile mental health service model.” Go here to read the complete article. Go here to learn more about the services that Marist180 and its social enterprise, 180 Wellbeing Solutions, are offering under their mobile mental health service model.