With over 100 years of working with at risk youth in Australia, Marist180 is recognised as one of the leading organisations in Out of Home Care.
We are a not-for-profit organisation committed to empowering people with skills, knowledge, practical support and encouragement. We strive to care for all who need support and hope, from people without a home to those seeking asylum. Marist180 was established in 1896, and has developed into one of the largest service providers for youth at risk in Australia today. We also support other vulnerable groups in society who may be at risk of exclusion from education, employment or basic rights, or who are homeless, who experience domestic violence, or are otherwise in need of care. Marist180 is inspired by the spirit of Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Community. He went out into the world to give hope, education and love to those in need – without judgement, limits or conditions. Like him, we advocate and work towards education, employment, and social inclusion, empowering people to take steps to achieve positive change. Our people offer care and support to people at risk, working with communities and families and providing educational and learning services. As an organisation, we rely on each other and work as a team to deliver results. This is why it is important that all of the decisions made by each person every day at Marist180 must be based on our values of client focused, respect, integrity, innovation and perseverance. Our business is, simply, people.
As a foster carer, we are here to support you all the way, in the following ways:
Casework support and team work

Every child or young person in placement with a carer has a designated caseworker who regularly works with them and their foster carer to ensure that all parties involved are happy. Carers have one-on-one supervision with the caseworker on a monthly basis, while young people also get their one-on-one time with the caseworker. In addition to meeting the caseworker individually, both parties are also seen together. This assists all involved in working together as a team and helps maintain the relationship between the young person and the carer. Carers may require a higher level of support from time to time as issues arise and caseworkers will make themselves available when a crisis occurs.

24 hour on call service

The Marist180 Foster Care program has a 24 hours on call service for after hour emergencies. This means that you can receive support and advice outside office hours from an experienced caseworker.

Care allowance

Foster carers are provided with a care allowance (“tax free”) to cover the costs of caring for a young person. The care allowance will cover financial aspects of caring for the young person including uniforms, clothes, after school activities, pocket money, etc. Foster carers are not expected to be out of pocket because they are providing voluntary care to a child or young person.

Carer training

All carers are required to attend training provided by Marist180 Foster Care. We have a strong belief that training is an important part of ones commitment as a carer. It is our way of equipping our carers with adequate information and skills to carry out their duties, as well as our opportunity to update them on policy changes that affect them. The training also provides carers with an opportunity to learn and receive support from others in similar situations. All carers receive certificates of attendance and/or completion for their participation. Where possible, carers can be offered specific training to assist in managing challenging behaviours or other issues they may be facing.

Support groups and networks

The Marist180 Foster Care program understands that providing care can be a challenge and where possible we try to provide opportunities for our carers to get together to share their experiences and to support one another. All carers meet at carer training and other organised events throughout the year. While this is not compulsory, carers are always encouraged to attend.

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