Be it for the short or long term, you are able to foster a young person for a variety of time periods depending on what suits you best.

Every child and young person has their own unique story and personal reasons for requiring care and accommodation, so no two young people will be the same. Our program endeavours to provide these young people with placements that will meet their needs whether on a respite, short term or long term basis. Marist180 provides the following types of care to children and young people aged 8-18 years of age.
Respite care
This involves care provided for regular short stays or weekends (eg: school holidays or one weekend a month care). Respite care gives full time foster carers a break and provides a positive experience for the child or young person. Respite carers are asked to make a commitment of 12 months.
Respite carer
Meet Joanne* Joanne is a single foster carer and has been providing care to Ruben* (14 years) for 3 years now. Recently Ruben has been displaying some challenging behaviours and this is causing strain on Joanne and Ruben’s relationship. Joanne would like respite for Ruben once a month so that she can have some time out to recharge and motivate herself. This will enable Joanne to continue providing a home to Ruben until he attains 18 years of age. “It’s been fun and very rewarding. It is exciting to see his reaction and enjoyment when shown new experiences like horse riding and swimming in the sea” ~ Joanne, Weekend respite carer
Crisis/short term care
Crisis and short term care is providing a placement for a child or young person overnight or up to six months. These placements focus on the assessment of a young person’s situation and clarification of future directions of care. Some children and young people may return to their families after this time, others will move into long term foster care. Placements during this time aim to minimise disruption for the child or young person by maintaining their school, activities and connections where possible.
Meet Brad* Emily* (14 years of age) has been living with her grandparents since her mother passed away when she was 5 years old. Emily’s grandfather has been hospitalised due to an illness and her grandmother is unable to care for her without him. Emily requires a short term placement until both grandparents are well enough to resume full time care. “Knowing that I am providing a short term placement for a child until it is determined what the future care arrangement is, makes me feel that I am helping and supporting during this difficult and unsettling time.” ~ Brad, Crisis/short term carer
Crisis/short term carer
Medium to long term care
This type of care is providing a placement for a child or young person for an extended period of time, usually up until they attain 18 years of age and often extending to a young person’s transition to independent living.
Medium to long term carer
Meet Mark & Kate* Tommy* (13 years of age) was removed from his mother’s care by Family and Community Services (FACS) at age 11, due to mother’s inability to care for Tommy and keep him safe. Tommy has had three short term placements while awaiting suitable carers to provide long term care for him until he attains 18 years of age. Tommy does not want to move again but his current carers can only provide short term care. Tommy would like to live with a carer who can take him fishing on weekends and help him with his homework. Tommy finds it hard to trust people as he has moved three times since he has entered care. “The positive is the on-going relationship with the young person and seeing gradual improvements from providing a home. The rewards outweigh the challenges” ~ Mark & Kate, Long term carers
*All names have been altered to protect the privacy of our carers and young people.

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