We are committed to helping individuals develop the skills they need to achieve economic independence.

Marist180 has three skills development centres. Based in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, our centres are designed to assist individuals experiencing challenges with language, formal education and employability, to discover their potential and begin a pathway to employment. Our centres aim to help individuals connect with their community and build a clear sense of direction and purpose. At the same time, they are supported to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to open up employment opportunities. Our skills development centre programs include:
  • Hammertime, a woodworking collective that teaches women carpentry and construction skills.
  • Seedwell, which teaches participants how to manage a large permaculture garden.
  • Upcycle, a furniture restoration program that includes online marketing.
  • Creating Pathways to the Caring Professions, a skills development course for the aged care sector.

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