What is foster care

Having a place to stay for a small period of time can give young people a safe environment to figure out the best way forward.

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Being able to live in a safe, supportive home environment for a short to medium period of time can help individuals who are currently between accommodation placements or at risk of being without a home. At Marist180, we have several accommodation services that provide short- to medium-term accommodation for young people. Residents will have access to a caseworker and support tailored to their needs.
Homeless Youth Assistance Program (HYAP) HYAP supports children aged 12–15 who are experiencing difficulties in their family home, using a trauma-informed and therapeutic approach. Our caseworkers aim to maintain each individual’s placement in the family home by providing early intervention through Outreach, and in some cases providing temporary accommodation, with the main focus of restoring the child back into the family home. Each young person will have their own caseworker, who will support them through this process and provide family interventions. If returning to the family home is not a safe option, the caseworker will help the individual find alternative long-term accommodation.
Homelessness Service Accommodation Marist180 has a number of accommodation options (in addition to Hebersham) for young people aged 16–20 currently living without a home. Both homes are staffed with accommodation support workers who provide a safe and homely environment for the residents. Each resident has their own caseworker, who managers their case with a personal, supportive approach. Residents are also encouraged to take part in the living skills activities available at the homes, which foster their ability to confidently transition to an independent living arrangement. Houses are located in Mount Druitt, Hebersham and Marayong.

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