By helping families stay connected, we can prevent young people from experiencing life without a home.

Marist180 and MacKillop Family Services are working together to support young people at risk of leaving their home. Young people may not be able to stay at home for a range of reasons, including feeling unsafe or difficulties in their family relationships.

We provide accommodation and therapeutic support for young people who are already living without a home, as well as those who may be considering leaving the family home and don’t have any accommodation options. Carers and caseworkers provide intensive support to help each young person feel connected to their family, education and community. This service is accessible by people in the Parramatta, Blacktown, Auburn and Cumberland local government areas.

Homeless Youth Assistance Program

Our Homeless Youth Assistance program supports children aged 12–15 who are experiencing difficulties in their family home. Our caseworkers aim to maintain each individual’s placement in the family home by providing short-term accommodation and access to Marist180 programs such as Outreach and Family Preservation. Each young person will have their own caseworker, who will support them through this process and provide family interventions. If returning to the family home is not a safe option, the caseworker will help the individual find alternative long-term accommodation. All Marist180 staff work from a trauma-informed and therapeutic approach. Referrals can be received from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Homeless Service Accommodation

Marist180 has a number of accommodation opportunities (in addition to Hebersham) for young people aged 16–20 currently living without a home. Both homes are staffed with accommodation support workers who provide a safe and homely environment for all the residents. Each resident has their own caseworker, who managers their case with a personal, supportive approach. Residents are also encouraged to take part in the living skills activities available at the homes to encourage their independence and enhance their abilities to transition into an independent living arrangement. Houses are located in Mount Druitt, Hebersham and Marayong. Referrals can be received from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Marist180 and MacKillop Family Services are recruiting specialised carers to support these services. We have three homes – located in Parramatta, Blacktown and Mount Druitt – where you will live and care for two to three young residents.

Specialised carers receive

  • generous tax-free carer reimbursements
  • free accommodation in a MacKillop or Marist180 home, with all utilities paid for
  • full use of a serviced vehicle
  • specialised training, including how to support people affected by trauma
  • intensive support from experienced staff, including youth workers, case workers and therapeutic specialists.

If you are passionate about providing a safe, stable and encouraging home environment to young people, call us on 1300 144 981.

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