We are passionate about connecting individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities to life-changing employment opportunities. Marist180 is located in one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia. Our employment caseworkers are committed to assisting a wide range of people, including refugees and asylum seekers, to access local employment positions. Employment is a cornerstone issue for Australia’s CALD communities. In our experience, it is intertwined with economic independence and a sense of belonging, contribution and self-esteem. Marist180 provides employment support services that build on the skills and knowledge of each individual and connect them to the local labour market. We also design and deliver tailored business recruitment solutions for high profile national employers seeking to improve their workforce diversity. Our ability to work with, prepare and transition job seekers from culturally and linguistically diverse communities is highly sought after.


The unemployment rate in migrant populations in Australia.


In 2016-17, our goal is to support 100 asylum seekers into employment.


In Brisbane, 46% of participants in Marist180 employment programs are from CALD backgrounds.

Seeking opportunities for work-eligible refugees and asylum seekers
Sydney Marist180 offers employment placement and support services to more than 500 work-eligible asylum seekers each year through our Skills Development Centre in Blacktown, Western Sydney. We help this motivated and skilled client group to understand the local employment market, the expectations of Australian employers and how to successfully connect with employment opportunities. We aim to start 100 individuals in new jobs every year.
Enhancing skills employability for the culturally and linguistically diverse
Melbourne Within our Melbourne employment programs, 24 per cent of participants come from a CALD background. We specifically engage with individuals from the CALD communities of northern Melbourne, assisting them to develop their skills and improve their employability through programs such as Hammertime, Laneway Organics and Upcycle.
Employment opportunities for the culturally and linguistically diverse
Brisbane Our employment programs in Brisbane successfully connects individuals from CALD communities to meaningful employment. In our Creating Pathways in Caring Professions program, 46 per cent of participants come from CALD backgrounds. The program is achieving exceptionally high completion rates and participants experience a positive transition into employment in the aged care industry.

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