Having a safe and affordable place to live is fundamental to the wellbeing of individuals and their families. Marist180 founded the Australian Catholic Housing Alliance (ACHA) to promote the use of Church land for housing. In doing so, we hope to overcome some of the current barriers to affordable housing for people on low incomes. Members of ACHA work together to share their expertise in developing new and innovative housing developments. They also reach out to Catholic dioceses and organisations keen to know more about housing developments. ACHA offers a range of advice and services to assist dioceses that are considering developing housing on Church land and can also provide information about financing and partnership models. ACHA is under the auspices of Catholic Social Services Australia and Catholic Health Australia. Its founding members are:
  • CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn.
  • Centacare Ballarat.
  • Centacare Brisbane.
  • Jesuit Social Services.
  • Marist Youth Care (Secretariat).
  • MercyCare Perth.
  • The St Vincent de Paul Society.

Marist180 respects the dignity of all individuals and their right to safety and shelter. By creating affordable housing opportunities, the Australian Catholic Housing Alliance aims to provide a stable, secure environment where individuals can connect to the wider community and access employment and training.

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If you are interested in finding out more about the ACHA, contact Dr May Lam at may.lam@m180.org.au or call 0405 549 589.

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