A bequest to Marist180 can continue your good deeds well beyond your lifetime.

As you would have experienced yourself, no two people share the same journey in life.

Where you were born; the support you received from family, friends and community; the nurturing and opportunities you’re given as a child; your capacity for formal learning; the relationships you form; the choices you make; your health and wellbeing; are all factors that influence the way your life unfolds.

We don’t all get the same start in life

If your life circumstances enabled you to live a good life, please consider sharing your legacy in a way that could positive change for others.

Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Community went out into the world to give hope, education and love to those in need – without judgement, limits or conditions. Every day the Marist180 team works with thousands of Australians who have extraordinary potential but struggle to reach it.

At Marist180 we advocate and work towards education, employment and social inclusion, empowering people to take steps to achieve positive change. We would be humbled if you helped us continue this work, in the spirit of Marcellin Champagnat well into the future.

Bequests to Marist180 can be made in a variety of ways according to your personal situation and preferences. You may choose to give:
  • A residual gift which is a share or whole of your estate after providing for family and friends.
  • A percentage of the overall value of your estate which allows for growth or depletion of the value of your estate.
  • A specified sum of cash. Bearing in mind this might not allow for changes of circumstance or inflation.
  • A gift of real estate, stocks, bonds, shares artwork, jewellery etc.

If you have considered leaving a bequest to Marist180 in your will or would like to meet with a member of our team, or visit a program before making a decision please contact us.

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