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If you are in a position to donate to our work, a regular monthly donation, however small, is one of the best ways to help create positive change for the young people, families and communities we serve. As a Marist organisation we aspire to work modestly, humbly and simply. In the spirit of family we promote a world where those who can are willing and able to support those who need practical help, care and compassion. The people we work with have complex needs. Creating the sort of connection you can build a foundation on often takes time. Our context needs both compassion and grit to move things forward. Whether you can manage $5, $25 or $200 a month to support our work, as a family, together we can create a strong foundation. That’s incredibly important for the way we work. We want those we serve to feel that they can rely on us. We want them to know we are committed to them, and that together we can overcome obstacles and work towards the change that’s needed. We’re not just about talk, our care is practical. The way of Mary is about respect, a willingness to listen, to be present and to look for solutions together. We extend our help to people who might struggle to communicate, or who are difficult to work with, or who are not showing progress as quickly as they’d like. We are committed to innovation and we learn from our mistakes. We are willing to take risks and try new things to get better outcomes. We are not afraid to change, grow or challenge ourselves if what we are doing isn’t working. If you would like to express your commitment to our work, in the spirit of family, please sign up for a regular monthly donation.

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