“#HomelessHack17 is another demonstration that housing is a team effort” – Minister for Housing and Public Works

Marist180 Social Innovation Manager in Brisbane, Steve Williams, co-organised Queensland’s first ever Homelessness Hackathon in the first weekend of June which was attended by key stakeholders in the homelessness space. Among the attendees was Mick de Brenni, Minister for Housing and Public Works and Labor Member for Springwood. The hackathon’s objective was to work towards alleviating issues faced by people experiencing homelessness in our community. Minister Mick de Brenni summed up the significance of this event well when he wrote, “#HomelessHack17 is another demonstration that housing is a team effort”. Steve will be sharing his reflections on the hackathon and its significance to the work we do here at Marist180 in the following weeks. In the meantime, do take a look at the event’s highlights showcased in the video below:

Homelessness Hackathon from AidWorthy on Vimeo.

Marist180 would like to extend a big thank you to our partners in this event: Orange Sky Laundry, Common Ground QLD, River City Labs, Urban Informatics at QUT Design Lab, and The Incus Group. Special thanks also goes to the event’s funder, The Department of Housing’s Dignity First Fund, without whom this event would not have been possible.

Making the connection: Climate change and youth homelessness

Climate change and youth homelessness As we’ve seen in recent years, extreme changes in the weather affect different groups in Australia differently. Wealth and privilege, as they do, will protect some people for a while. Discretionary wealth, if you have it, allows you access to items like air conditioning, shade, medicine to guard against emerging infectious diseases,

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Youth unemployment in Western Sydney contributing more mental health problems

Youth unemployment linked to mental health problems Youth unemployment, mental health problems and homeless are increasingly becoming issues of concern within our society. Our Casework and Clinical Services Practice Leader and acting Out of Home Care Executive Manager, Ariana Kenny, shares her insights on these issues in a conversation with the Blacktown Advocate. Some of key takeaways Ariana shared were: “Economic stresses are strongly linked with the development of mental health issues,

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Marist180 is sponsoring a delegate to attend the Social Enterprise World Forum in New Zealand

Marist180 sponsoring Social Enterprise World Forum attendees Marist180 is sponsoring a delegate to attend the Social Enterprise World Forum to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand in Sept 2017. Fifty delegates will be chosen to attend the conference which is being hosted by Social Traders. The delegates will receive up to $500 for their flights,

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A conversation with Alex, a former foster care client

Alex, one of our former foster care clients, dropped in last week and was keen to chat about his experiences with Marist180 Foster Care. So we made a little video on an iPhone (apologies for the poor sound quality, hope the subtitles help!). We thought his reflections on what makes a good (or bad) foster experience are worth sharing. Thanks Alex.

If you have the capacity to give a young person the attention and communication they need, please consider becoming a foster carer. Go here for more information today.

Free child protection webinar: Theory of change and evidence matching process

Marist180_child_reading_a_book_blog The Australian Centre for Child Protection’s theory of change and evidence matching process is an initial, rapid and cost-effective step to give funders, managers and practitioners the confidence that their program’s target group, activities and outcomes are in alignment and matched to evidence. Governments are increasingly requiring this of funded programs.

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Lessons from a laundry strewn lounge room

Working parents will recognise the age-old challenge of trying to get little Johnny or Jess to pick-up their laundry. At my place, to my horror, my kids’ laundry is usually strewn across several frontiers, from bedroom, to bathroom, to lounge room and beyond. As a parent, I would naturally prefer to channel my parental anxieties at far more important subjects.

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Supporting young people leaving out-of-home care

22 The transition from adolescence to adulthood —emerging adulthood— is now recognised as a significant stage in the life cycle in developmental, emotional and social terms. Young people leaving out-of-home care (OOHC) face this transition to adulthood without family support and with significant extra barriers such as poor mental health,

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Frames of mind

Frames of mind I was listening to a podcast the other day, of which I’ve become quite a fan. The topic was epigenetics. Crudely, it is the concept that our gene sensitivities are switched on and off by experiences in our lives. One of the scenarios given in discussion was lab tests where mice were ‘bred’ to be fearful of the scent of cherry blossoms.

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Congratulations to Cate Sydes

Congratulations to Cate Sydes CEO Marist Youth Care – NSW State Finalist in this year’s Telstra Business Women’s Awards…
Congratulations to  Cate Sydes  CEO Marist Youth Care, who is a NSW State Finalist in this year’s Telstra Business Women’s Awards, one of the most prestigious and highly recognised programs for Australian women in business.

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