Our financial performance

Our financial performance, service highlights and major achievements.

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Planning strategically

Philip Anderson, Chief of Operational Services

Our Board and Executives

A dedicated team, committed to creating positive change to those in need.

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Our history

For over 110 years we have been creating positive change for people at risk in Australia.

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History of Marist180


When you partner with Marist180, you create opportunities for individuals to achieve their goals.

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Our values

Client focus

We put young people first, recognising their worth, focusing on their needs whatever their circumstances and regardless of their backgrounds and beliefs.
Supporting young people

Working in accordance to Marist180 values
Our values


We behave in an open and transparent manner; acting honestly and consistently in undertaking our work and in our relationships.

Our values


We are innovative, courageous and imaginative and willing to take risks to achieve the best outcomes for young people we serve.
Business workshops for young people

Respect for all
Our values


We respect, value and acknowledge all people, their differences and their unique needs. This is reflected in the professional delivery of our services.

Our values


We persevere and are prepared to go beyond the recognised limits of care and tolerance in working with those in our< community and ensure that we are there for them.
Pursuing Marist180 mission