Marist180 believes our society is enriched by diversity, which is why we support, celebrate and respect those seeking asylum within Australia, regardless of faith, religion or culture.


Number of people seeking asylum supported by Marist180 in 2016


percent of young people we’ve assisted have been connected to education or employment opportunities.

Marist180’s settlement and asylum seeker services (SASS) assist individuals at various stages of their journey to settle in Australia. Our SASS programs are funded through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and provide access to secure housing, education, employment pathways, and medical and wellbeing support. Our caseworkers, volunteers and staff respect the diverse needs and experiences of asylum seekers and apply a therapeutic, trauma-informed approach to their care.

Our Services

Status Resolution and Support Services

Our Status Resolution and Support Services (SRSS) help those living in Australia while their immigration status is resolved. The aim of SRSS is to foster a sense of connection between asylum seekers and their new community. We link individuals and their families to local community groups who share their culture, provide them with mentors and celebrate important cultural, religious and spiritual events with them.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Services.

Marist180 works with some of the most culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia, assisting a wide range of people including refugees and asylum seekers. We ensure these individuals and their families can access local employment positions as well as other resources. Learn more about our culturally and linguistically diverse employment services here.

Meet Aram

Aram* arrived in Australia in 2013 when he was eight years old. Marist180 placed him in our UHM accommodation with two other boys from the same cultural background, where he has a supportive care team available 24/7.

While this has been a difficult period for Aram, access to a reliable, committed team provided a much-needed sense of stability, and he has adapted to his new home very well. Aram’s connection with his culture is nurtured in the house by regularly providing him with meals from his country of origin and encouraging important cultural expressions and celebrations.

Marist180 has connected Aram to our dedicated mental health team and a counsellor from a specialist torture and trauma agency, who have all helped him settle in to a new school and join a soccer team. Marist180 is also helping Aram stay connected to his extended family in Australia, ensuring he can spend weekends and holidays with them, feels connected to family life and can participate in cultural activities. Aram has great relationships with his school friends and housemates and is growing in confidence every week.

*Not his real name.

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