Marist180 believes our society is enriched by diversity, which is why we support, celebrate and respect those seeking asylum and refugees within Australia, regardless of faith, religion or culture.

Marist180’s assists individuals at various stages of their journey to settle in Australia through our Settlement and Asylum Seeker Services (SASS).
Our programs for people seeking asylum are funded through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and provide access to secure housing, education, employment pathways, and medical and wellbeing support. Our caseworkers, volunteers and staff respect the diverse needs and experiences of asylum seekers and apply a therapeutic, trauma-informed approach to their care.

Settling Children as Humanitarian Migrants

Marist180’s Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minors (UHM) program supports children and young people who have travelled to Australia without parents or family support under the Australian Government’s Humanitarian Program.

Our approach adapts and refines our Out of Home Care model to provide a safe home environment, while at the same time, meeting the unique developmental, cultural and care needs of young people aged 4-18 who have arrived as refugees from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iran.

Our multi-lingual, multi-faith team applies a therapeutic approach to care connecting each young person with their culture and religion while also encouraging them to engage with their new Australian home.

Our Marist180 carers and caseworkers also help each young person to create their own care plan aimed at developing independent living and English language skills. They are also supported to access education, medical and mental health support services.

Status Resolution and Support for Asylum Seekers

Our Status Resolution and Support Services (SRSS) work with Asylum Seekers in community detention while their immigration status is being resolved.

We have a tiered casework support program tailored to the individual circumstances of the person and can include financial assistance, access to healthcare and access to English classes.

At Marist180 we seek to foster a sense of connection between asylum seekers and their new community. We link individuals and their families to local community groups who share their culture, provide them with mentors and celebrate important cultural, religious and spiritual events with them. We advocate for tertiary scholarships and we have a tailored stills and employment program for Asylum Seekers.

Marist180 also provides residential care for children and young people who have travelled to Australia without parents or family support as Asylum Seekers. Our staff provide 24/7 support and a home environment that addresses their unique developmental, cultural and therapeutic care needs.

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