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At Marist180, we provide a range of programs and services to help individuals create positive change in their lives. We believe that when individuals feel connected to a supportive community and have access to education, accommodation and employment they can achieve their goals. That’s why we aim to empower individuals and their families, so they can build their own bright future.

Creating positive change in your life can be a complicated and challenging process. Marist180 provides a range of programs and services to help individuals achieve their own unique goals. These include providing education opportunities, engagement services, pathways to employment, out-of-home care and accommodation. We are committed to enhancing the wellbeing of all individuals, regardless of age, abilities, culture, religion or background.

People Served by Homelessness Programmes


People in Education and Employment Programmes


People in Apprenticeships with 180Painting Services




Dedicated Employees


Residents in Out of Home Care

Out of home care

Living independently requires a range of skills that some individuals haven’t had the opportunity to develop. Our out-of-home care services help young people recover from trauma and develop the confidence to live on their own.
Young people need help 
Helping young people through education


Education is often the foundation of a successful future. Marist180 provides a variety of education programs to ensure all individuals have the opportunity to learn and grow. We can also help educators and communities learn how to create an encouraging, supportive learning environment.


A sense of wellbeing is deeply tied to the experience of living in a safe, supporting home. By providing foster care and accommodation, Marist180 aims to provide a sense of security and stability to individuals that will help them achieve their personal goals. We have a range of services to help individuals stay at home as well as access short- to long-term accommodation.
Developing a sense of well being 
Supporting the community


Employment is a pathway to economic independence. Marist180 partners with a range of organisations to provide job seekers with the opportunity to develop their skills and find long‑term, sustainable employment. These programs can help young job seekers, people who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, women and other individuals find a path to employment.


Engaging with the right support can be vital to creating positive change. We help individuals connect to their families and provide a safe home environment so they can continue their journey towards independence.
Protecting young people from families at risk 
Opportunities for all

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Marist180 is committed to ensuring people who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander have the opportunity to follow their own path and connect to their culture. We offer education pathways, apprenticeships and accommodation to assist each individual to develop the skills and confidence they need to build a fulfilling life.