All children should have the opportunity to experience a safe and loving family life – regardless of their age. Marist180 helps older children and teenagers find a home where they can be cared for.

Marist180 is committed to giving all children the opportunity to experience a positive family life. In fact, we’ve been providing residential and family services for children and young people for more than 100 years. We particularly focus on young people aged eight to 18, who often miss out on experiencing a loving foster home.

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Being a foster carer is a challenging but rewarding role.

Foster carers are willing to share their homes, time, energy and lives with children who need love and support. These children may have experienced abuse or neglect, and this may be why the Children’s Court has placed them in the state’s care.

Living with a foster family offers these children the chance to be part of a caring family environment. Children can learn the give and take of family relationships, the realities of living on a family budget, how families cope with unexpected events and what it is like to live with parents who both set limits and encourage their children.

Although separated from their birth parents, children in care may still have contact with some members of their birth family. It’s important that Marist180 and foster families support the child’s unique identity and background by being respectful of their birth family and culture.

Marist180 provides carers with support 24/7 and tax-free allowances to assist with the costs of raising a child.

Types of foster care

Long-term care
Marist180 offers long-term foster care for children and young people aged eight to 18 who have been placed in the state’s care. Most of these children and young people maintain regular contact with members of their birth family and others who are significant to them, while living as a member of the foster carer’s household.
Short-term care
It can take time for the state to decide where a child or young person should be placed. Marist180 offers a foster home to care for these individuals while they wait to be either placed back with their family or moved into long-term care. Short-term placements can last a year or more.
Respite care
Respite care involves caring for a child or young person who is in long-term care for regular short stays, usually one weekend a month. These children and young people may need a break from their long-term placement and would benefit from getting to know another trusted adult. We ask carers to commit to a minimum of one year of respite care for each child or young person.

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