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At Marist180 we are committed to a therapeutic framework that recognises the impact of trauma on individuals, and offers recovery oriented, client needs driven and strengths based approaches to meeting outcomes.
[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] Trauma is a focus for our service delivery through everyday supports which are closely interlinked with internal mental health collaboration. Trauma is recognised as presenting in multiple ways dependent on individual responses to singular events, long term chronic exposure and complex trauma neuro-sequential developmental impacts. Our multi-linguistic mental health practitioners are highly qualified and experienced with children, youth and adults who have developmental concerns, trauma histories and work on approaching needs through fostering independence. An example of this are in the proactive work done with team consultations (case workers, direct support staff and community networks of support), supported by Support and Safety plans that guide intervention, and direct engagement where there may be barriers to external service linkages. Specific clinical advice is then applied in the supports of individuals in the context of the specific need.The internal Allied Health Team is complimented by services offered through 180 Wellbeing Solutions, who offer Medicare and fee for service individual and group counselling, tailored training for capacity building alongside assessments and report writing services.
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Each team member is selected to have a complimentary skills across the organisation to ensure breadth of support options are in place. Across the teams there is a collective experience of over 130 years of experience with over 1500 people assisted last year alone.
[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] This mobile service provides allied health services including Psychology, Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy as well as Education and Disability Specialists and Diagnostic Services. The focus is on recovery-oriented strengths based practices that build capacity and community connections to work for and with people in synchronicity so that transition planning leads to good after care and pathways to engage supports as needs arise. This is completed through bulk billing access to services, government funded services such as ATAPS, NDIS services, and leads by organisational and community capacity building through partnerships, training and client co-design of services. With regards to our stakeholder commitments.

‘We provide practical help to improve people’s quality of life through prevention and recovery’ (Underpinning philosophy and counselling services).


‘Building skills to master behaviour and promote excellence in our learners’ (Schools Programs).


‘Building skills for people and organisations to become agents of change for children and youth’ (Community based programming).

For more information www.180wellbeing.com.au
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