School is where you learn the skills that set you up for the future. Pete’s Place gives girls and boys in Years 7–10 that opportunity.

Pete’s Place is a registered and accredited school in Blacktown for girls and boys in Years 7–10. It offers an alternative learning environment for young people with unique needs who haven’t thrived in mainstream schools.

Marist180 educators adopt a trauma-informed, therapeutic and holistic approach to help students complete their Year 10 Record of School Achievement (RoSA) or gain a Life Skills RoSA. Pete’s Place supports students who may have dealt with bullying, truancy or school refusals, as well as students with mental health problems or learning disorders. We consult with parents, carers and mental health professionals to help students achieve their goals. Each student receives an education plan that is tailored to their needs and based on their curriculum’s key learning areas. They can also participate in additional learning experiences, including cooking, art and craft, gardening, and workshops in social and emotional skills.  


Pete’s Place Enrolments

Pete’s Place is currently not accepting enrolments for 2019 and 2020.

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