Access to a safe home makes independent living possible, which is why Marist180 strives to give young people the accommodation they need to continue their life journey with hope.

The Marist180 Life Education Accommodation Program (LEAP) assists young people who are ready to take the final steps towards independence. Since it started in 2014, LEAP has provided accommodation to 45 young people, helping them develop essential living skills during their stay. Each young person is allocated their own caseworker, who develops a list of independent-living goals with them and provides further support.
To be eligible for LEAP, a young person must be:
  • leaving out-of-home care or have previously been under the parental responsibility of the Minister
  • aged between 17.5 and 20.5 years
  • receiving an income to pay rent or bills
  • engaged in a vocational program or employment
  • able to live independently in a shared-house environment
  • able to display age-appropriate living skills.

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