We are passionate about keeping families together by building a home life that respects and nurtures each family member. The Marist180 Family Preservation Program supports families that may be at risk of breaking down or having a child or young person placed in out-of-home care. We believe that with the right support, we can help each family member develop the skills needed to build a cohesive, supportive home environment.

The program runs for 12 weeks and offers 24/7 on-call support. We also tailor our program to meet the distinct needs of each family, covering topics such as parenting strategies, communication, assertiveness, anger management, conflict resolution, education, and employment.
To be eligible for the Family Preservation Program, we have to be satisfied that each child or young person in the family is under the age of 15, and that one of the following applies:
  • If a child is living at home, protective court action is likely.
  • If a child is living under a court order, there is an imminent risk they will enter out of home care.
  • If a child aged 12 to 16 is living independently from the family, they are at risk of entering out-of-home care.
Families must also meet each of the following criteria:
  • At least one parent or carer is willing to work with Marist180 to reach Family Preservation Program goals.
  • Some family strengths, resources or social supports are available that can be used to increase safety.
  • Other services have been used but were unsuccessful, or an intensive service is required to resolve the problems being experienced.

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