We don’t all travel the same path. The Marist180 Education Engagement team shares its knowledge, experience and expertise to help young people discover the right education pathway for them.

The Education Engagement team informs a range of people about the variety of education providers available to them, such as universities, high schools and TAFE colleges. It also empowers young people who may feel excluded from society to see education as a path they can take. The team runs workshops across Australia with students, teachers and parents on social immersion opportunities, university scholarships, professional development for educators and trauma-informed teacher training.
Marist 180 has made all of my dreams come through. I’m not sure where I’d be if I wasn’t able to go to university.
Ambassador Program
The Ambassador Program The Ambassador Program helps Marist180 clients develop leadership skills and pride in their unique identities and cultures. Ambassadors are given opportunities to share their sense of purpose, value and wellbeing with those who may be struggling with their identity.
Social Immersion Program
Social Immersion Program The Marist180 Social Immersion Program provides a range of youth-led experiences for high school students to enhance awareness and combat prejudice. From participating in multi faith workshops and religious festivals to visiting places of worship and restaurants featuring cuisines from different ethnicities, the program aims to celebrate diversity, encourage social inclusion and challenge media stereotypes about asylum seekers.
Love Bites program
Love Bites Love Bites is a very successful program that aims to prevent domestic and family violence, and sexual assault. Led by young people, the high school-based program models respectful relationships between male and female students, and teachers and workers. It also hosts creative sessions where participants use art to reflect on and challenge violence against women in their community.

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