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Marist180 provides intensive therapeutic care through several approaches, within residential, semi-supported, outreach and clinical support programs. In all these areas, services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the children and young people we serve.
All our programs have highly qualified trauma and recovery trained staff who follow our Inspire model. This model embeds contemporary evidence based practices, and includes assessment of wellbeing, the Attachment, Regulation and Competency model from the Trauma Institute, as well as internationally recognised outcome measurement systems.
Direct Care staff support everyday living skills, with daily application of the therapeutic model and longer term development of strengths in areas that support a person’s case plan. Our Case Managers work with our Therapeutic Specialists to deliver excellence in case and care planning with a focus on permanent options so our children and young people know there is a long term plan for them – they help develop this with us, and work alongside all staff to develop the skills and connections to achieve their goals and master the skills they need to be successful.
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To help support the above, our skilled multidisciplinary team of Therapeutic Specialists guide training, mentor other staff and devise treatment pathways to underpin all the work done, from intake to case, cultural and care planning, through to aftercare.