Our Mission

M180 is a Catholic organisation which strives for positive change in the lives of young people and their families, particularly those most at risk and on the margins of society.

Our Vision

In the spirit of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, we seek to give hope to young people so that they can flourish, live fulfilling lives and contribute to the common good.

What’s Happening

M180 is excited to announce that we have won a new grant from the Scanlon Foundation to deliver pre-employment workshops with links to employment and education opportunities for people from migrant backgrounds in the Fairfield area of NSW. ….

Help Create Positive Change

Are you the allied health professional we are looking for?
We are currently seeking dynamic dedicated professionals who love work variety and are registered with the relevant health professional agency to deliver face to face as well as coaching, training and skills development activities in our organization.


About Marist 180

At Marist180, we provide a range of programs and services to help individuals create positive change in their lives. We believe that when individuals feel connected to a supportive community and have access to education, accommodation and employment they can achieve their goals. That’s why we aim to empower individuals and their families, so they can build their own bright future.


People Served by Homelessness Programmes


People in Education and Employment Programmes


People in Settlement and Support Services




Dedicated Employees


Residents in Out of Home Care