Wellbeing is at the heart of what Marist180 does. Our 180 Wellbeing Solutions program empowers and supports the individuals we serve so they can achieve their goals.

Our 180 Wellbeing Solutions program provides safe, evidence-based counselling and assessment services, as well as training and group work to ensure our clients have the confidence and skills they need to work towards the goals they set. Our team specialises in supporting individuals experiencing trauma, mood disorders, addictions and personality disorders. The team is also expert in providing positive behaviour support and helping school and tertiary students cope with the unique challenges they face.

We strive to provide assistance quickly, meeting those referred to Marist180 within two weeks. We can also commit to supporting clients across a range of situations they may face relating to areas across their lives through strong referral pathways and partnerships. Through 180 Wellbeing Solutions, we hope to build a society that is trauma-informed, aware of mental health issues and driven towards social cohesion.

1 in 3

people will experience concerns about their mental health.

1 in 5

people continue to work through long-term mental health issues.


180 Wellbeing Solutions assisted over 200 individuals and developed 10 personalised training sessions in 2016.

Trained individuals for Wellbeing Solutions
Trained individuals for Wellbeing Solutions
Trained individuals for Wellbeing Solutions

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